Frederick Ashburnham Kelly  
Place and date of birth unknown, as is the name of his wife.  
It is not known where the name Ashburnham originated. Barbara's grandfather (Percy, see below) was not registered at birth with the name but used it, as did all his children. Family legend said that “Grandfather Kelly” - Charles Frederick - married a Lady Ashburnham and kept her name after her death. This is not true. It is beginning to seem more likely that he made it up out of thin air.  
Nothing is as yet know about Frederick except that he was probably a military doctor/surgeon; possibly, but not certainly, in India. His only known brother is:  
Charles Frederick Ashburnham Kelly  
born either 1811 in London (1871 census details); 1810 in Spain (1881 census details); or possibly 1815 (family legend that he was 60 when he married the second time; this is probably wrong.)  
married (1) 12 September 1838 in Bengal family tree
Flora Boyd
five children:
   Charles Ashburnham Kelly (Charley) born c1840 in Bengal
   Frederick WD Ashburnham Kelly (Fred) born c1844, place unknown but probably India
   George Lloyd Ashburnham Kelly  (George) born c1845, place unknown but probably India
married Kate Montgomery Davidson
   Mary Pauline Ashburnham Kelly (Polly) born c1852 in Agra, Bengal, East India,
married Hervey Augustus Frederick Hervey
married Brownlow R Martin
died 1907
   Kathleen Ashburnham Kelly (Kate) born c1854 in Agra, Bengal
married Isaac Newton
died December 1882

(2) 20 January 1876 in London
 family tree
Mary Jane Venn born 31 May 1852 in Paddington
six children:
 George Francis Ashburnham Kelly (Frank)  born 13 July 1875 in Lambeth  
   never married  
   The 1891census finds him, age 15, in an army barracks in Cornwall. He died on 26 December 1896, in
   Bangalore, Madras, serving in the 1st Dorset Regiment, unhappy and hating life in the army, and
   particularly being in India. A friend of his wrote a touching letter to his brother Percy, which will at a
   later date be available to view on this website.
 Constance Ashburnham Kelly (Connie)  born 8 January 1877 in Lambeth  
   never married  
   1891 census finds her aged 13 in a workhouse in Hampshire, with her sister, Ishta
   1901 census, she is still in a workhouse, this time in Blackpool. It seems very improbable that she would have
    been in Lancashire but she is listed as Constance Ashburnham O'Kelly and it seems unlikely to be anyone
    1911 census (see Ishta)
    She died 19 March 1957, living in extreme poverty in Barnes, near Richmond-upon-Thames.
 Meeta Augusta Ashburnham Kelly  born 1879 in St Helier, Jersey  
   (She has never been mentioned and we must assume that she died in early childhood. The only mention
   is in the 1881 census return, when the family was living in the Channel Islands.)
Percy John Ashburnham Kelly  born 5 June 1880 in St Helier, Jersey family tree
   1891 census finds him aged 10 in a workhouse in Hampshire, presumably near his sisters Connie and Ishta
   married: 6 March 1901 Caesarine Louise Williams (Cissie)
   died 12 January 1952 at home in Gerrards Cross (died) 16 January 1973 at home in Gerrards Cross
Harry Fitzgerald Ashburnham Kelly (Harry)  born 5 April 1881 in Jersey family tree
   emigrated to Canada circa 1895-96 from St Joseph's Orphanage (possibly in Hammersmith).
   married 1908: Edith Nicholls (Edie)
Ishta Agnes Irenie Ashburnham Kelly (Possibly Istha - the spelling varies) family tree
   born 26 January 1884 in Alderney  
   married (1) 1902: Alfred William Brown probably no children of the marriage
   1911 census finds her in a rooming house with her sister Constance and a 16-year-old step-daughter
   divorced 1916  
   married (2) 25 August 1917: Edwin George Mearles  (no children known)
   died: June 1935 in London  
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