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The website has two distinct types of page.

There are family detail pages of the main family surnames investigated to date. Clicking on any of these will take you to a page listing such facts as are know of all that family's members as far back as has yet been discovered. Against some of these people there will be a link to a family tree.

The family tree pages will take you to a table showing the immediate family of the couple you have chosen, looking like this:

  man's father     man's mother     woman's father     woman's mother  
click on one of the links shown above to move up a generation
  marriage details of couple
(if known)
click on one of the links shown below to move down a generation
child 1
child 2
child 3
child 4
Please note that not all parents or children will necessarily have a table to move to,
in which case nothing will happen when you click on it.
Family pages completed to date: No individual family pages.
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David's family Barbara's family David's family Barbara's family
Allen Kelly Anderson Browne Burner
Chadbone Nicholls Jones Carter de Lara
Haynes Venn Tyler Grunberg Harding
Lyddiatt Nicholson   Kirk Martin
Williams   Mearles Tapson
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